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The Friends of St Michael's Church



Many people, either living in the parish or beyond, have a strong connection with St Michael’s Church. Such people often have fond memories of services attended – weddings, funerals, or school events. Others, as visitors, have been enchanted by the quiet simplicity of the building, its history and its surroundings. It is a church for everyone, but the costs associated with maintenance for a Grade 1* listed building are considerable. 

The Friends of St. Michael's Church started in 1998. Then, as now, the aim was to keep the church open and to maintain the fabric, guarding against damp, rot and the general signs of decay inevitable in the ancient building. There were many who loved the church, some had old family links - baptism, marriage and graves in our peaceful country churchyard - and they would not wish the church to close. So, 'The Friends' began and that was when the Newsletters were also started as an acknowledgement of the help given and to keep Friends informed. 

There are many benefits of becoming a Friend of St Michael’s Church, Shotwick

 *  Most importantly their generosity will help to keep the church building open and accessible for future generations 

 * Continued open daily access for visitors as well as the availability of the church for quiet reflection, weddings and funerals 

 * ‘Friends’ receive regular newsletters to keep them informed about the church building, its maintenance and upkeep as well as future fund-raising activities 

 * Invitations to events organised by St Michael’s Church including historic talks and visits to other places of interest

 * Invitation to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to discuss your ongoing support for this historic building and churchyard

The ‘Friends of St Michael’s Church’ is a community of people who support St Michael’s PCC in its wish to see the church preserved for the benefit of all who live and work in the parish. All the funds raised by ‘The Friends’ are devoted to the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the fabric of the building and its churchyard.

If you wish to become one of 'The Friends' please fill in this membership form and return it as directed.

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