The Church yard

The Church yard


       An ariel view of the bounds of the churchyard 



In the South-West wall can be seen an iron ring said to have come from the quay where it was used as a mooring ring.


The sun-dial bears the date 1767 and it was evidently a replacement for an earlier one, as the Churchwardens’ accounts mention payments for the dial post in 1720 which is also the date on the shaft, together with the initials J.D. and R.M., the Wardens at this time being John Davies and Richard Massey.

The American airman, Lieutenant S. Morange, whose grave is here was one of two killed in an aircraft mishap at R.A.F.Sealand in the First World War, the body of the other having been taken back to America. During the 1929 Scout Jamboree at Birkenhead, scouts from his home town, Bronxville, New York, placed 2 commemorative plaques at the Graveside. In 1957 these were respectively replaced and refurbished by American Servicemen stationed at Burtonwood. They are among a small group of first world war graves.

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